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Thorough Vehicle Diagnostics in London

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Get to the bottom of a problem with our complete vehicle diagnostics service.

Modern engines are controlled by computers which are called ECU or EMS; Engine Control Unit or Engine Management System.  In addition, the engine management system enables control of the engine's temperature and moisture, which provides longer life as well as functional advantages.

At Loftus Motors we use the latest computers, diagnostics systems and softwares and we have the ability to connect to those control units and receive important information about the engine and other electronic systems in the vehicles, which allows us better compatibility and understandings of faults
and problems.

Once we find the cause of the issue, we will endeavor to rectify it for you.


Contact Loftus Motors for thorough vehicle diagnostics that gets down to the problem for a fast solution. 


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All inspection & operations are carried out by ATA, Automotive Technician
Accreditation approved inspector/technician.
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